Monday, September 24, 2007

Fan Mail for Sword of the Dajjal

I got my first piece of fan mail for Sword of the Dajjal today, and it was from a soldier, no less.

"ot this on one of the wargaming e-mail lists I frequent. I use the book info on my signature line so it goes out in every e-mail.

On 15 July I departed Afghanistan to go back to the States on leave.
Having nothing to read, I buzzed around on the Net until I found a
sci-fi ebook that looked pretty good; purchased and downloaded it,
read it on my layover at Ali al Saleem.
That ebook happened to be Sword of the Dajjal!
Just wanted to compliment you on it; I thought it well-paced, and the
twist with the Afreet was nice. The depictions of combat were
believable and the political circumstances were well-developed
without slowing the book.
I don't suppose there will be a sequel?

SSG James Xxxxxxxx"

Very kewl.

I'm redacting his last name until he gives permission to be identified. I was floored, it's nice to write a piece of military fiction and have it recognized as a good read by a professional.




Mark said...

Fun, congratulations!

Here's a random question for you: I was trying to track down an article I believe you wrote for Tornado Alert #24, referenced at the bottom of the page here: Any chance I could get a digital copy of that (and Mr. Megehee's as well if you have that), or is there somewhere I can purchase the backissue? Thanks!

kurt said...

Just finished reading your novel and tracked down your blog to see who you are. I think you have promise - not yet a David Weber or John Ringo [like bucksforabuck would like us to believe :) ] but a thoroughly enjoyable read. The best way I can express that was, when I finished SotD I went looking to see when the sequel is coming out! Keep writing,

C. Scott Saylors said...

Sorry it took so long to get back to the blog. I hada major computer problem which is still unresolved.

Mark, I remember the article well I may have a copy of the issue somewhere, if so I'd be happy to mail you the copy snail-mail. You can reach me at Just replace AT with proper at sign.

Kurt I have an outline and the first chapter of the sequel to be titled: Sword of Damocles.