Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's been a few weeks

I spent them working out the contract with Blu Phi'er for Sword of the Dajjal to come out by early next year. The new contract got Preditors and Editors to drop their "Not Recommended" status for Blu Phi'er. The contract still needs a reversion clause that defines "out of print", and an audit clause, but we can work those out later.

Jars of Doom will not be coming out with Champagne books because eXtasy already has a short story using that character and the legal eagles at Champagne decided to not publish the book.

This was largely because champagne wanted to publish an e-version first, and eXtasy's e-rights were an interference in their opinion. No hard feelings from me.

The book will come out by mid-year 2008 in print from Blu Phi'er. eXtasy holds no print rights at all for my work, so there is no conflict. eXtasy hadn't been paying royalties or contacting me, but that will be rectified. They said I had changed addresses and phone, but that was never the case. I have had this e-mail address for going on three years and this phone number for the same period of time--it was a package deal from the phone company.

The publisher says they'll get my royalties squared away by early September and that's fine with me. If so they can have more short stories about Erica Steele.



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